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     Mata Kalawati College of Special Education is a teachers' training college that specialists in teachers' training to educate physically handicapped children. Recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India, Mata Kalawati College is a module of Purvanchal Khadi Gramoudyog Vikas Samiti, a Non-Government Organization established in 1991. 

  The Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) was set up as a registered society in 1986.On September,1992 the RCI Act was enacted by Parliament and it became a Statutory Body on 22 June 1993.The Act was amended by Parliament in 2000 to make it more broad based .The mandate given to RCI is to regulate and monitor services given to persons with disability to standardize syllabus and to maintain a Central Rehabilitation Register of all qualified professionals and personnel working in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education. The Act also prescribes punitive action against unqualified persons delivering services to persons with disability.

      The organisation was found by Late Er. Rajesh Tiwari along with a few of his co-workers and is still run by Mr. Gopesh's skillful guidance and the college is under Mrs. Pragya Tiwari, who has been a guiding beacon to all the students and personnel.

The college offers courses in teachers training for disabled students and has been known to give many placements in government institutions.

    1991मे स्थापित संस्थान मे माता कलावती कालेज आफ स्पेशल एजुकेशन,राजेश तिवारी  पुर्नवास केन्र्द , ग्रामीण विकलांग विद्यालय,पुर्नवास केन्र्द,विकलांग लघु उद्योग ,शोध केन्र्द निरन्तर चल रहे है,जिससे विकलांग बच्चों की निशुल्क शिक्षा,विशेष अध्यापक , लोगो का पुर्नवास , चिकित्सा, शिक्षा तथा विकलांग लघु उद्योग के माध्यम से 10000+ लोगो को रोजगार दिया जा चुका है !

    जबकि भारत सरकार की ओर से शिक्षा का अधिकार प्रस्तव 2010 मे स॓सद की पटल पर आया और 31मार्च 2013 मे समाप्त हो गया,पर संस्थान द्बारा स्थापित 1995 मे॓ स्व वित्त पोसित ग्रामीण विकला॓ग विद्यालय आज भी निशुल्क शिक्षा दे रही है!

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